Personal Updates, and a Message to Readers (5/30/2016)

I’ve recently had articles published at both Counter–Currents and Right On

  1. Calling for a Nazi / Social Justice Warrior Alliance” (Counter–Currents)
  2. A Study in Anti–White Media Lies: Are Right–Wing Extremists More
    Likely to Kill you Than Muslim Terrorists?” (Counter–Currents)
  3. Revealed: Black Lives Matter is a KKK Plot” (Right On)

The first essay is a simple repost of an essay that was first posted here. The second essay took an essay first posted here  and made it substantially more concise and to–the–point, while referring back to the original post if the reader wants more elaboration. Finally, the third essay relies on data established in posts here on Zombie Meditations, and cites them where relevant, but rhetorically transforms them into something that is totally new:


I think the method I employed here is one that will work well for me in the future, because I have a compulsive need to sperg out and obsess over crunching all of the facts and numbers whenever I dig into any new topic at first (and that’s actually the only reason the blog ever actually came into existence in the first place). But most people aren’t going to find that particularly interesting. However, I’m just not great at thinking a topic through logically and thinking about how to make my discussion of it emotionally engaging to an audience at the same time.

So, if I can write the spergy posts out far enough to feel I can justify presenting myself as someone who has the right to talk about the subject firstthen I can use those posts as citations for other posts where I focus on painting an aesthetic onto the data and on forming a voice that’s more compelling for a reader to actually listen to.

It’s a little bizarre that the posts that I’m becoming “known” for at this early stage revolve around race, because outside of writing, race isn’t something I’ve ever thought about on a day–to–day basis. I’ve been asking myself why my writing has shifted in that direction, and I think the answer is that it’s simply a coincidence resulting from the fact that race is a topic where (a) there is way more sheer nonsense to go around, about which there should not even be room for debate over the fact that it’s sheer nonsense, than there is in most other topics; and (b) there are far fewer people around willing to address it and explain what’s wrong with it. My “advantage”, as I see it, isn’t that I have any particular genius so much as that I’m just brave enough to attach my name to the discussion.

But in a world where people are as afraid to do that as they are now thanks to things like this:

I think we’ve reached the point where there is—unfortunately—plenty of value in that alone.

Off–topic, ThatGuyT has plenty of things to say about the event referred to above as well:

“What’s the next logical conclusion? That’s right: I become aggressive. I’m seeing that you’re ready to fucking assault me, so I’m not going to sit here and try to talk to you, I’m going to get you to back the fuck up. And that’s how conflicts in black communities start. It starts with one person going fucking overboard going crazy as shit, and then the next person has to go crazy as shit because they’re in fear of their life from this aggressive psychopathic motherfucker. Granted, it didn’t happen here, but let this be a situation between two black people in pick whatever urban metropolitan city that you want, on the streets—what would be the next step? Fighting, shooting, somebody gets stabbed, somebody gets stomped out,  … When you’re being so fucking irrational, so fucking threatening, how do you expect the other party to react? Now we’re getting into the core issues that Black Lives Matter usually talks about: what is police brutality? … Imagine that someone comes up to a cop acting like this. What the fuck is going to be the reaction? … In many, many, many cases, it is the alternate party, which COMMONLY is black people, escalating the fucking situation for no goddamn reason. … I’ve seen this shit plenty of times in my own community. I live in Atlanta, so I see this shit 24/7.”

In any case, I want to point out to my Patreons that this is a free post that I’m not uploading to Patreon for any pay, as are all three of the above essays posted to Counter–Currents and Right On. I’ve worked hard to establish a reputation that lets you know that if you sign on as a Patreon, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, and I’m not going to charge for anything composed of mere opinions that you could get from a conversation with me on the phone, or from my Facebook feed; nor will I charge twice when essays are redesigned to be sent to other places if I think they’re essentially the same thing you’ve seen before (even though the essay posted to Right On, in particular, is a substantial change of form from anything you’ve seen here before).

The only kinds of posts I’m ever going to charge for are long, in–depth posts that took a lot of time and thought or research to produce, like this essay investigating the relationship between poverty, out–of–wedlock birth, and crime or this essay responding to the claim that neuroscience has refuted the existence of free will that, word for word, ended up being exactly as long as the book whose claims inspired it (Sam Harris’ Free Will, at 13,000 words). So if you’d ever like to help compensate me for time spent rewriting essays for other websites to expand my reach, you can do that with a single donation here (or in the “Donate” button on the sidebar to your right); and if you’d ever like to sign on as a long–term Patreon to support the creation of more research–based essays, you can do that here (or by clicking the fancy double–exposure image of a hand reaching up through trees on the sidebar to your right).

Every single dollar I get from Patreon really will go a long way. Now that I live in the north Georgia mountains, my cost of living is way down, but so are job opportunities. So especially now that I have a child on the way (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), every single dollar really will increase my ability to spend time researching subjects that interest me and writing to carry the knowledge I’ve picked up on to others, rather than doing other kinds of work. If you factor in the amount of time I spend reading and learning to build up a repertoire of understanding before I even think about writing on a topic myself (just take a glance at my reading list) as unpaid labor, then the actual hourly pay for this line of work is dismal. I’m doing everything I can—with just over a year of writing behind me now—to turn it into something I can survive and help raise a child on. So if you’ve gained any sort of value from the work I’ve put in here, please consider chipping in whatever you can!

I’ve recently sold all the other pants that I own and purchased a single pair of Vertx Phantom Ops Airflow tactical pants with the money because (a) every single pair of pants I owned was literally getting ripped to shreds to the point that the patches from patching them were falling apart and (b) I wanted to find something that would be durable and last without needing to be replaced for a really long time. My verdict: these things are incredible. The pockets feel indestructible (and have pockets inside of them), and the mesh helps with handling the Georgia heat incredibly well. So if you’d like to help me out and know what your money is going towards, I’m currently trying to replace my wardrobe of old clothing with durable work clothing or tactical clothing from places like Duluth Trading and 5.11 (I really want these boots) that I know I won’t have to worry about replacing any time soon. There’s a serious chance I’m going to end up hunting snakes for meals to survive out here. I’m not asking for delicacies…

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