My Music

I’ve actually never had any kind of music lessons whatsoever.

I own a Boss BR–1600 recorder and an Epiphone Les Paul I replaced the pickups on (besides my computer, these are literally my only worldly possessions). I started teaching myself guitar at the end of high school, inspired by Buckethead’s album Electric Tears, and I did it literally by fiddling around until I started to like the sound of what I heard—no chords, no scales, nothing. Any support will help! I’d love to be able to pay for decent music lessons, or even take courses in audio engineering; and I’ve wanted to buy an oud and a tabla for a long time.

The song above is one I wrote for my now—and now–pregnant—wife, 5 years ago, before we’d physically met.



(Note: this one needs a hell of a lot of cleaning up.
I suggest just listening to the first 30 seconds of Enso and then skipping to AOLpt.2.)

Here’s everything I’ve written in the past several months (~Aug to Sept 2016):

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